Accutane (isotretinoin) is a medication specially created for people suffering from acne. Its effects are based on slowing down the production of certain substances responsible for the formation of pimples. Make sure you always take this medicine as recommended and avoid exceeding the dose prescribed, as otherwise unpleasant and ever dangerous side effects may occur. Avoid donating blood when using this medication - during the entire period of the treatment and one month after it. Your skin can become very sensitive as a result of using this medicine. Make sure you avoid such procedures as waxing for at least 6 months after the treatment is stopped. Report to your health care provider any of the following medical conditions if you have them: asthma, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis, mental illness, anorexia nervosa, heart or liver disease, and high triglyceride levels. These may affect the dose you are prescribed. Every dose prescribed is individual and is not supposed to be shared with other people. Your dose can be changed to make sure it suits your personal needs. Do not change the dose of Accutane yourself, as an overdose is possible. Mild side effects of Accutane can include dry skin, eyes, mouth, or nose, swollen gums, changes in skin color, cracked, and sore lips, hair loss, voice changes, tiredness, unwanted hair growth, peeling skin, bleeding, fainting, sweating, cold symptoms, or flushing, and there is no need to report them until they get bothersome. However, you will need to report any of the following serious side effects as soon as possible: vomiting, muscle weakness, joint or muscle pain, nosebleeds, fever, seizures, new or worsening heartburn, rectal bleeding, fast or pounding heartbeat, dark colored urine, stomach pain, dizziness, vision problems, difficulty hearing, weakness or numbness, chest pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, and blurred vision, as they are likely to get worse if not timely treated. Accutane interacts with the efficiency of certain oral contraceptives. Make sure you do not take this medicine without consulting your doctor if you are using any oral contraceptives and are not sure whether they will be 100% efficient. If you think you may have become pregnant, stop taking Accutane and contact your doctor. This drug can cause life-threatening health effects in unborn and nursing infants. Do not combine Accutane with vitamin A supplements, minocycline, dexamethasone, oxytetracycline, phenytoin, doxycycline, tetracycline, methylprednisolone, demeclocycline, or prednisone, as interactions have been reported. In some rare cases this drug can cause a number of psychiatric symptoms that you will need to inform your doctor of. The following ones are possible: sadness, sleeping more than usual, aggression, anxiety, anger, lack of energy, weight changes, difficulty concentrating, irritability, appetite changes, suicidal thoughts, dangerous thoughts, and hallucinations. If you develop any other symptoms that seem suspicious - do not hesitate to call your doctor about them.

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